Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association


Welcome to the homepage of the Alumni Association of Alpha Nu Omega, UMD's oldest and only local fraternity on campus which boasts the largest network of UMD Alumni. For nearly 60 years, Alpha Nu Omega has been a part of the University of Minnesota Duluth. Through the years, ANΩ has helped students get the most out of their college years through scholarship assistance, service projects, leadership opportunities, and diverse social experiences. ANΩ is dedicated to helping individuals become the leaders necessary for tomorrow.

Alpha Heritage


The Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association continues to embrace the principles set forth by the Fraternity founders over 50 years ago - service, leadership and academic achievement. Their gifts honor their belief that academic achievement and student leadership are important attributes to college and lifetime success. With their continued efforts, the legacy and history of Alpha Nu Omega will live in perpetuity through the upcoming generations of scholars who will be supported by and rewarded with Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association Scholarships at UMD.

The lasting imprint Alpha Nu Omega has made at UMD will be acknowledged years from now as future members continue to come back to UMD to celebrate their shared history..